Book marketing for the shy

At a recent authors’ luncheon sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Writers, Sonja McGiboney gave an informative presentation on self-publishing for independent writers. When she was talking about marketing, however, I realized that I’m too shy to do most of the things she suggested! Just showing up at the luncheon, greeting people, and eating with them took all my emotional energy.
As Psychology Today says, “writing the book is the easy part.”
What percentage of writers are shy or introverted? I’d ask for a show of hands, but would you show yours? I wouldn’t. (I’m using the words “shy” and “introverted” interchangeably here because the behaviors are similar.) According to “verywellmind” website, introverts make up an estimated 25 to 40 percent of the general population. I would guess that the percentage is higher among writers. There’s a reason why we spend all day with imaginary friends.
Fortunately for us, the internet is full of resources for the shy. That’s why they call it “inter” and not “extra,” right?
Improbable Press gives five ways to market books, but only three seemed possible for me: social media, local media, and writing more. Asking a friend to write a review? Hah! Asking the publisher I don’t have? Nope.
The “Shy authors’ guide to book promotion” on the “buildbookbuzz” site had some helpful suggestions. Three that I hadn’t heard elsewhere were “Send out tip sheets” and “Ask to do media interviews by e-mail,” and “Do a Virtual Book Tour.” Writers’ Digest offers 9 steps for an effective virtual book tour.
Personally, I’m much more able to promote other authors’ books than my own. That’s why I try to do book-signings with a friend or hold author events for other people. Then I force myself to say, “By the way, I also have some books.

Do you have other suggestions? Please note them in the comments below.

At Book Warehouse in Williamsburg, pretending not to be shy


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