Winter’s unraveling

Hope begins with winter’s unraveling,
the hope that last night’s frost was the last,
a faint hope that what we plant will grow
this time, hope as small as that seed
planted in soil, hopefully prepared,
watered and tended, hope budding,
awaiting the tender shoot of hope.


Inspired by GoDogGoCafe and dVerse (but I changed the suggested pattern).

UPDATE: July 13 – Nothing that we planted grew, but something else did.

Accidental garden


  1. Such a lovely start with “Hope begins with winter’s unraveling”. I enjoyed the way your poem unraveled as well, with “hope” moving forward in your lines.

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  2. Well, you got a lot of hopes in – and this is Poetics, so it’s all about inspiration. I love the way the hope moved through the piece, and that we began and ended on the word, really empahsising it.

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