History repeats itself

Just before I left Virginia in 2017, I fell in love with local history. Until our return in 2020, it was a long-distance relationship. Today, I looked back at a series of articles I wrote for the Rappahannock Record and found some recurring themes. In 2017, I interviewed a waterman at the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum (RFM), and we ended up talking about tomato packing plants.

In 2021, I was back at RFM to write a “Spotlight” article for Chesapeake Style Magazine and to see their train exhibit.

Now, it’s 2022, and the earlier article led to an invitation to an event at RFM that inspired another series for the “Record.” Meanwhile, I finally finished and published the “Key to History” book that would take me and my protagonists back to a tomato packing plant.

What’s next? Maybe, as I wrote in another blog post this morning, for the first time in decades, I may end up on a boat!

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