Celestial ambitions

For many years I hid in the shadows, embracing the identity of wife of… and mother of…, until an empty nest made me ask myself who I am on my own. Someone told me not to hide my light under a bushel, but I wasn’t even sure I had one.
I dragged my protesting self into visibility and started going to open mics and doing book signings. I even auditioned for a part in a comedy at the community theater – and got it!
Would anyone like my autograph?

Out there shines the moon,
light filched, unearned, from the sun,
reflected glory

This Haibun was inspired by dverse and GoDogGoCafe.


  1. Ah…..a haibun that is an outing, literally. As in coming out of one’s shell and becoming one’s self. A story of affirmation. The haiku part of the haibun flows well with the two root words of the compound word. Well done!

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