Changes in platitude…

If writers did stand-up comedy, it might sound something like these corny couplets:

My friend Perry thinks a platitude
is just a platypus with a chip on its shoulder.
(drum sting)

Changes in latitude, changes in platitude
make southern clichés sound original to me.
(drum sting)

Did you know all politicians have a single platform?
They’re platidudinarians.
(drum sting)

Instead of a Pulitzer prize, most media
deserve a medal: platinum for platitudes.
(drum sting)

I have strong opinions about platitudes,
but when I express them, they fall flat.*
(drum sting) (cymbals crash)
(writer takes a bow and leaves the stage)

Inspired by the Word of the Day Challenge.

*This is a reference to the French root word “plat,” meaning flat.

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