Endless summer

There were plenty of yards to play in, and most of us had back and front porches, but there was nothing like Greenwood Drive for playing “Mother May I” and “Red Rover” after supper. Our parents didn’t have to force us to play outside at dusk when the asphalt began to cool. Bedtime was extended until past sunset. While playing, we didn’t even notice the swarms of mosquitos. Once we were in bed between crisp, line-dried sheets, a breeze blowing through the open window, red bumps began to form, lighting up like fairy flares under the covers.

Endless summer days;
play stops when streetlights signal
night’s ceaseless scratching.

I’ve always thought there were no fireflies in Colorado, because I don’t remember seeing any, but according to a CSU professor, there is a native variety.
This haibun was inspired by dVerse and GoDogGoCafe.


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