Hope in the ’70s

When Hair debuted on Broadway, I would have been too young to see it. By the time the movie came out, I was married, and all that was old news anyway. When I finally did see it this year, I wasn’t sure whether or not it was a farce.
Being born at the end of the Baby Boom meant spending my whole life a step behind the trends. My youth was like arriving at a party to find nothing but spilled alcohol and soggy chips. I missed the campus sit-ins and graduation streakers. My hip-hugger bell bottoms were out of style before I broke them in. The best minds of my generation were working on Wall Street in 3-piece suits. It can make a person cynical.

Hope was cheap, drinking
in the high school parking lot,
set to overcome.

Then, she fought for peace,
love, rock and a healthy tan;
now battles cancer.

Inspired by GoDogGoCafe Haibun Wednesday.



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