Good trees can make good neighbors

after “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost

There is nothing that doesn’t love a tree;
whether plant or beast, we must look up
toward outstretched arms or down into
spreading roots with all their secret dens,
admiring how they feed the tiny ants.
Good trees can make good neighbors.

There may be someone who doesn’t love a tree,
wants it down to keep the sidewalks neat,
but who can help inhaling that scent
of what we call fresh air, that cocktail
of fertile loam, chlorophyl and sun?
Good trees can nurture neighbors.

This tree supplies a human family
with oxygen, seating other beings
in hidden homes above and underground.
This tree lost half its body but survived,
rose and kept on looking toward the skies.
Good trees inspire their neighbors.

Yesterday I was following a debate on social media about whether cities should plant fruit trees to feed the homeless. The biggest argument against it was that “it’s bad for the sidewalks.” Things got pretty heated. Maybe a bit of “forest bathing” would do the debaters some good.

Inspired by the “Pull Up a Seat Prompt.”


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