Relatively good

Two sisters were walking in the wood;
one toward evil, the other good.
One, with the other on her mind
soon was entangled in clinging vines.
Her carefree sibling skipped along
singing a rather naughty song.
When she got tired, she took a nap
and dreamed her sister was in a trap,
so back along the path she strode,
stole a knife from a man on the road,
and finding her sister, cut her free,
but left when sis said, “come with me.”
So they continued on their routes,
nothing to eat but berries and shoots
until they met at the end of the trail
under a storm of freezing hail
and sheltered in a nearby cave.
Though one was good and the other brave,
the bear that ate them didn’t look twice
at who was wicked and who was nice,
and now they’re both in Paradise.

Inspired by dVerse

I was unable to find the title of this painting by Diego Voci. Many of his works show two women with contrasting coloring and expressions.


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