Ronovan Writes Sijo Wednesday Poetry Challenge #29. Use AUTUMN as your inspiration this week.

Ronovan introduces a Korean poetic form


I know it’s not Autumn or Fall in every part of the world, but the Sijo Poetry Challenge isn’t about a specific place. It’s about memories and talking through the images the prompts bring to mind. For me Autumn is about high school and football games. Football is big here in the Southern part of the US. Not the soccer football but the football Americans play by using their hands. Yeah, I know. But people in Ohio are rather unique Americans.

Use the above link to discover the various interpretations of the word of the week. Don’t limit yourself to the first one that comes to mind. Expand your thinking.

A new form of poetry for us to try. Yes, the Décima Challenge has come to an end after 100 weeks.

Now we have the Sijo, a Korean form believed to have first been used in the…

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