A prompt response

My friend Arun Srivastava has responded to all four of my recent prompts. Can you beat that? Any guess on the color referred to in #3?

Never Think About, Seen Everyday

Never think about that bed
Another night
I don’t pay attention
Just sit for a while propped up
Reading or writing
Slide flat on a side when drowsy
Hopefully sleep without waking up Midnight, struggle for one more round.
Support me and show me light, hopefully

The First Day of …

The first day of a new place
Bring more hope than yesterday
Keep me busy, please.
Roaming amidst similar but new peoples
Walk in strange streets, narrow lanes
Imposing landscapes
Return tired
Try a novel taste, different aroma
Think of another day another place
Fresh journeys
Similar routines

Don’t Name the Colour

Splash a mellow vibrancy
Sing a song of morning taking charge
As melodies of dawn
Unfold hours of day*
Come alive
Follow an instinctive style
In today’s hue
Continuing until spilled into sunset
A day is coming to close
A playful note plays
Growing thoughtful near dreams
Colour would fade anyway
And renew with vigour every time

Paintings by Antonio Diego Voci

Faces touching overlapping
Clearly sculpted in earthly colours
Rough surfaces
Sharp features
Lonely people living together
Striving to evoke grainy understanding
In intimate postures
Walking in the lazy afternoon streets
Life moored in a dull evening
Saying softly, “I know you.”

2 October 2022

*Indian classical music has a specific time of day allotted for some tunes called Raag. They fit ideally to the mood of that time period in circadian clock. There’s another set of Raags suited specifically to various seasons.



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