Don’t look now

Lydia stopped stamping dates on cards to nudge Reed. “Here comes Maudlin Madalyn.”
Reed looked up from the computer. “Where? Who?”
“Shh, not yet. I’ll tell you when.”
“It’s rude to stare. I thought even you Californians knew that.”
“I’m from Colorado.“
“Same difference. Now, see that lady in black?”
“With the little veiled hat?”
“That woman goes to every funeral in town.”
“I suppose she’s lonely.”
“Not just that. Apparently, to her, death is quite romantic.” She leaned closer and added, “and guess what she likes to read?”
“Victorian mysteries?”
Lydia shook her head.
“Vampire stories? No? Cottage Cheese?”
“What’s that?”
“You know, the heroine moves to a small town, renovates an old cottage and falls in love.”
“Oh, that’s cute. Anyway, you’ll never guess.”
“Fine. I give up.”
“Nothing but technothrillers!” She nudged Reed. “Here she comes. Just act normal, Ok?”

Inspired by dVerse and biblioelectiophobia, the fear that my reading choices will be judged.


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