Time for reading

As a child, I realized how time
restricted my reading with arbitrary
demands, days fractured by school
and meals and “get some fresh air”
and baths, then pin curls and bed.
I barely understood the trombone
motion required for old folks’ reading,
but I cried for the Twilight Zone man
surrounded by piles of books
and his broken spectacles, shivered
with chills at a fearsome fate:
plenty of time and nothing to read.


I’ve often written about my fear of having nothing to read. I’ve seen Twilight Zone episode 8, Time Enough at Last” repeatedly and have always cried at the end. I’m embarrassed to admit that only today I finally realized how Time (in the form of a fallen clock) tripped Henry Bemis and caused him to break his glasses!
Inspired by the W3 prompt.



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