Congrats, Nerd!

I’ve always thought of myself as a nerd. Or maybe a nerd-wanna-be, since there were always other nerds around who knew more about something or other.
My husband the artist, on the other hand, is anything but a nerd. As a South American immigrant in the 1980s, he wasn’t exactly sure what the word meant. Imagine him, with his persistent rolled ‘r’s, congratulating a woman when her son graduated at the top of his class. “Congrrratulations! Yourrr son ees a nehrrrd!”
This is why, whenever you hear congratulations in our house, it’s probably for being a nerd.

Are you a nerd? (If not, here is some music for you.)
If the answer is yes, skip to the bottom.

Not sure? Give yourself 1 point if you are:
⁻ Bookish
⁻ Introverted
⁻ Lacking social skills
⁻ Obsessive
⁻ Overly intellectual
⁻ Pedantic
⁻ Quirky
⁻ Shy
⁻ Unattractive
⁻ You noticed this list is in alphabetical order.
⁻ You spend time on unpopular, little-known, or non-mainstream activities.

How many points did you get?
You know what? If you followed me this far, you don’t need a quiz to tell you you’re a nerd.

You may be wondering how I can take valuable NaNoWriMo time to write this. Well, because (congratulate me), I’m an overachieving word nerd. I won’t even tell you how many words I wrote today (well, ok, it was 1898) before I decided to research one of my favorite authors and found out he’s part of a band called the Cotton Modules. Are you nerdy enough to name the author?

Or, take the easy way out and check this link.



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