Before I start cleaning up the party mess, let me just enjoy a moment of triumph.
It seems that word of the event spread, and some brand new characters showed up in my novel near the end of National Novel Writing Month.
There was Rocky Peebles, held back in fourth and fifth grade, whose short appearance in my protagonists’ lives involved gifts from the lost and found wrapped in brown paper and string. Then there was a complicated alarm system made mostly of tin cans. Next, Rocky fell in love with Princess, daughter of the dump-master, or maybe he was enchanted with the dump and its treasures. Princess’s older brother Wade initiated Rocky into the mysteries of the dump and a habit of truancy. When Rocky’s grandmother followed his father into prison for theft in the late 1940s, the only place for him was the Colorado State Industrial school. It’s hoped that he’ll learn a useful trade there.
Meanwhile, back in Hull Crossing, wedding fever seized the town, leaving Sarabell Simms as the last spinster.
Now I need to clear away the empty glasses and cake plates before I start decorating for Christmas.


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