Becalmed in the brainstorm

In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed
“In Sullivan County,” Celia Dropkin

“Twas the week after NaNo and all through my brain
my thoughts were as cold as a gray drizzling rain…”

My great brain-storming session led nowhere, but Iris Murdoch’s last novel, “Jackson’s Dilemma” is in my stack. I’m in a stupor after NaNoWriMo. The state of my mind can’t be called Writer’s Block. It’s not solid enough. It’s more like a thick fog.
In the morning, which dawned drizzly and dim as my brain, I lie in bed staring at the blank ceiling. I’ve managed to achieve the empty mind that eludes me in meditation. Half in dreams, in the tender gray, I swim undisturbed.

becalmed in the fog
as graceful as a walrus
I’m adrift in dreams

This meditation was inspired by dVerse.



  1. Denise, I very much enjoyed your story and am in awe of 50,000 words written for the NaNoMo — and that it’s your 4th time. Could you please take a look at your word count and pare your prosery down to 144 (or less?) Thanks much!

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