New Year’s Resolutions made public

I think I’m ready to declare my 2023 resolutions. The public statement is one of the ways people ensure they will fulfill their goals. I’m highly motivated by the threat of opprobrium, which is what makes me a 5-time #NaNoWriMo winner. (Oh, have I mentioned that before?)
Anyway, here they are!
[insert fanfare here]
I tried to follow the SMART goal plan, and I only made resolutions for January. At the end of the month, I’ll revise them or make new ones for February.
Dividing resolutions into categories made it easier for me to narrow them down, but I haven’t decided how to prioritize them yet.

FitnessKeep track of foods T-F
Work out with weights T, Th, Sa
Continue class 2X/wk
SocialPost on blog 3X/wk
Post 3 beautiful winter photos on Instagram each week (grandeur)
Send 1 hand written letter or card once a week
Meet 1 friend for coffee this month
WritingEdit fiction 2 hrs. 2X/wk
Translate 1 poem each week
SelfRead about something strange or unknown 1X/wk.
Use new words occasionally
OrganizationCheck clutter accumulation spots Sat.

What do you think? Will I be able to do these things all month? You may have noticed that I didn’t include anything about my paid work, which is my top priority. I think it goes without saying.

What are your resolutions for 2023?



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