A Cardinal rule

The male cardinal has been attacking the cars ever since we parked them next to the forsythias. First he was seen pecking and kicking the side mirrors. Now, even when parked right next to the house, they’re plastered with white streaks. It’s hard to believe one bird could have that much ammunition.
Besides the cardinals, we’ve seen thrashers, bluebirds, robins, and finches in the yard. We’ve heard mockingbirds, owls, crows and geese. Turkeys stroll across the grass. Nearly every time I walk past a bush, there is a flutter of alarm, a scolding chatter, or a feathery burst streaking to the next shelter.
It’s gotten so I feel guilty going outside. I’d better just stay in and read.

A cardinal’s dawn
chatter shatters sleep
but not the car mirror


When I saw this clipart, I thought it said “Be Messy!”

Red Cardinal bird on a winterberry branch vector illustration. Christmas Winter bird on a tree graphic.

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