Generation Gap

We stand beyond the reach of lights,
surrounded by home’s benevolent dark,
the night’s fragrance of wood and fields,
faint sounds of nature from all sides,
the spangled firmament recalling my dreams
of dancing planets and spinning stars.

For my granddaughter, the black unknown
is brimming with dangers and threats, evil doers
and malevolent beasts, nightmares
she was taught to fear, unfamiliar with awe.

I want to take her hand but only say
“look up.” We stand on silenced gravel
exhaling tiny clouds and wait
for the constellations to clarify.


Inspired by dVerse and the W3 prompt.



  1. Denise, Mazal Tov on being this week’s host for W3! I have emailed you at the email address on your Facebook page (just a few minutes ago) with “next steps”.

    If you don’t receive the email (sometimes it goes to spam), please email me at DVDBGMLNY at GMAIL dot COM.



  2. What a powerful poem. How sad to be “unfamiliar with awe”, that is the greatest impoverishment a person can have but your poem is positive in that you are there to show her the quiet wonder of the “benevolent dark”. Congratulations on being the PoW; your prompt took me to the black unknown!

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