Some nights, our dog and cat snore louder than people. I watch the moonlight travel across the ceiling and listen to the soothing trio in my room. If it weren’t for the snoring, would I hear my husband’s patched up ticker skip a beat? The dog’s old heart thumps once a second like a good Swiss clock and her dreaming tail. The cat’s is like a bird’s wings fluttering into a nest. Outside, I imagine a gathering of deer like a soccer team at rest and turkeys bedded down on branches, echoing our heartbeats in double time. Possums hang like clothes on a line while raccoons flex their fingers. Under the shed, rabbits curl up within earshot of nestling mice. Far below them, worm blood travels through five aortic arches. Ants and ladybugs join the cacophony, with heartbeats as fast as a running man. Somewhere in the core of a tree in the heart of the forest, squirrels are snoring in chorus.

under the starlight
the countryside is quiet
and rustling with life

Inspired by dVerse and my family chorus.

2014 – beginning the painting “Back to Life and Family at Hughlett Point Preserve”



  1. “Far below them, worm blood travels through five aortic arches.” Wow, another earthworm lover! Your mention of their circulatory system took me straight back to A-level Biology lessons in England in 1970… Thank you…


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