“Daffodils follow the sun
But at a sudden touch of golden ray
Light and music have each other warm
sublime in light as flame or fire
pure as a fireside, of a golden speed
Light and Beauty for their toy.”

Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Emma Lazarus, composed in Verse By Verse.

I had previously experimented with AI-generated poetry, and even proposed it as a W3 prompt. Last time, I used a “weird word generator.” This time, I used a program suggested in the dVerse challenge. It was difficult to choose three poets from the suggested list, which included none of my favorites. The first line and title were mine. All the rest were “suggested” by the famous 3.
My rewrite is below:

Light and Beauty for their toy,
daffodils bat sun rays to and fro,
frilled faces turning to gold,
felines lolling by a fire.



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