About me

My favorite poem is “Dreams” by Langston Hughes. Listen to him reading it here.

While living in Virginia, I dreamed of moving to Arizona, and was able to live in Tempe for three years with my husband Alvaro Ibañez, our youngest daughter, and a large art collection. 

I enjoyed the experience of blogging and living in a different environment while in Arizona, and I have returned to Virginia with new ideas and more energy. After our time in the desert, we’ve realized that we can never replace our home outside of Kilmarnock Virginia, and we’re not ready to retire. Our dream of a retreat center for creative continues, and in spring 2020 we began hosting events to promote local writers.

My poetry often describes the feelings of living in a place that didn’t suit me, at least from my perspective at that time. In “Dry side,” I try to express my approach to the open horizons of  “senior” life. The essay “A new page” talks about some of the challenges of the transition to a new life, while “Elevation” is quite hopeful.

While living in Arizona, I began writing a novel set in rural Virginia, and now that I’ve completed it, I’m writing a sequel set in Arizona. Some of my writing also mentions my home state of Colorado. I’m also living in two times, as I attempt to recreate the Great Depression through fiction inspired by the Wharton film restoration project. One essay tells how the project helped me learn some appreciation for rural southern culture, while another shows how false assumptions can be dispelled with a little knowledge.

One of the benefits of living in Arizona was my membership in Legacy Writing Club, a group of women writers over age 60. We completed an illustrated poetry anthology in October 2020, the same month I finished my first novel.

And speaking of 2020, find out how we spent it by clicking here.

Learn more about my books on my Author page.


  1. Thanks for following my “Morning Meditations” blog which is where I express myself theologically. For my purely creative writing, it’s “Powered by Robots” (click the link of my name to get there). Yes, I’m multi-faceted.

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  2. I was a native southerner transplanted to the north – early on so that I am not really a southerner… by practice.
    I’ve had relatives who lived in AZ, – I live in IN for a time and that seemed like AZ in the summers.

    Now I’m back north – With an average of three months of each season. Yes I’ve been told the seasons change in both long heated and colder climates… Continues success in your writing.

    I’ll bookmark your place 🙂 I attempt to be organized by having having three active blogs. The one for Carrot Ranch… most often but not always is here: https://julesinflashyfiction.wordpress.com/

    Cheers, Jules


  3. Hi Denise…..July- 20- 2018 This is ines….you did a great job today at our reading class….no one does it better then you.
    my blessings hope you continue doing them….you do great…and no one writes better then you…
    Love you ines…..


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