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I made up the word bilocalalia (why not?) to describe talking about living in two spaces and exploring new and unexpected horizons.  I’m hoping to begin a dialogue about changes and what they teach us.

My three categories of posts are poetry, personal essays, and short fiction. I have two goals for the short fiction category. One is to provide a resource for advanced English-language learners. Each story contains some idioms or expressions with links to explanations. My other short fiction is inspired by the Wharton Films project, which is restoring a set of documentary home movies from the late 1920s. The characters and stories I create are intended to reflect the Great Depression in rural Virginia. My major themes in all my work are transition and finding purpose.

In spring 2020, when I returned with my husband to our home outside of Kilmarnock, I began creating some mini-retreats for women in transition looking for creative outlets. Empty-nesters, retirees, new residents and soul-searchers will all find a welcome at A-Ibañez Retreat Center for the Arts.


  1. Thanks for following me. Here’s a poem a wrote a few years back when there was terrible flooding in England and the constant sound of running of water down the roads…it took me back to my childhood and skiing trips in Europe…when the snow having melted ran down the sides of the roads making music to my ears…because I was so happy in the mountains.

    I love the sound of running water
    trickling down a gentle stream
    The melting snow that runs away
    alike a waking dream
    A thought, a memory of distant past
    A rising spring with sunbeam dew
    Sends shivers down a prickling back
    and warms the heart anew

    I love the gentle jingle tune
    that drips and trips and chimes
    the catchphrase ditty song it sings,
    which does and doesn’t rhyme,
    The flooding earth that panics so,
    but satisfies the arid land
    It fills the rivers full to brim
    With instruments of god’s fair hand

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