Just this minute

Just this minute, as I sit
sipping a second cup of coffee,
a security guard in India opens a tiffin box,
a night owl in Korea takes a pill
with a glass of water before bed,
in Saskatchewan, a bank manager
sets a take-away coffee on her desk,
and a Tanzanian office worker eyes the clock,
thinking thirty minutes to tea time.

Just as I sit at my computer to write,
clay from the Netherlands waits to be molded,
luminescent fabrics spill from Colombian looms,
an Italian cheesemaker stirs a vat,
and costumes are being adjusted backstage
while other people finish folding a swan,
take scissors to colored paper,
sharpen pencils or dip a pen nib,
joining the battle of the blank page.


Via DailyPost and inspired by the NaPoWriMo challenge to write a poem of simultaneity and Bart Barker’s “battle” call.

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