We think we’re looking at nine acres of land, but all that green space can be deceptive. It’s a teeming metropolis. Turkey families stroll on one side while deer leap through another. Birds live in the fig tree and frogs and rabbits hide under the shed. Virginia creeper and trumpet vines climb the willows, and a morning glory has made its way up the garden hose to the faucet handle. At this time of year, it’s impossible to pass between trees and bushes without disturbing a spider web. Walking down the driveway with our dog, we pass what looks like grass, but instead is several varieties of groundcover. Some of the plants resemble miniature clover, some appear like bamboo, and others look like tiny umbrellas. They shelter and shade miniscule and microscopic creatures. Look closely, and you’ll see a tiny rush hour under every blade of grass.

silken filaments:
a spiderweb captures
rays of morning sun

This haibun was inspired by dVerse.


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