Jeb goes batty

As Jeb was fetching hay from the loft, he heard a slight rustling from the corner. I hope it’s kittens, he thought. Spotting a small brown mass of fur, he gently reached down with his gloved hand, nearly dropping the creature when he saw its leathery wings. After checking for signs of a roost in the rafters, Jeb wrapped the pup in his handkerchief and slipped it into his coat pocket. Best not to worry Mr. Winters. He continued working as quickly as possible. He would need time to hide the bat in his closet and trap some insects.

Via #CarrotRanch

Learn more about Virginia’s state bat.


  1. The photo I take it is Virginia’s State bat. It is absolutely gorgeous. Love those ears. Your story too was most enjoyable. I think Jeb has taken on a bit of work catching insects and the thought of poop in the closet I won’t even think about. I can understand him not bothering Mr Winters.

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